Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental services

for Offices, Schools, Hotels, Construction Industry, General Industry, Retail Stores and Warehouses

We provide Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental services for the following Organisations:

Retail Stores and Warehouses
Construction Industry
General Industry


We can evaluate your current Safety, Health and Environmental Manual for compliance and update if required
Can compile a Safety, Health and Environmental Manual if you do not have one
Compiling of Safety, Health and Environmental Filling system
Assist with all Legal and other appointments
Attend your Safety, Health and Environmental Meetings as a co-opted advisor
Identify the specific training needs
Assist in compiling Risk Assessments
Assist in compiling Written Safe Work Procedures
Reporting of Incidents, assist with Investigations and analysing thereof
Compiling Toolbox Talks
Develop relevant Registers
Planned Job Observations


Identifying of specific training needs
2. Basic SHE Induction Training
3. SHE Representative
4. OHS Act
5. First Aid – Levels 1, 2 and 3
6. Various awareness presentations
7. Driven Machinery regulation 18
– 7.1 Forklifts 7.2 Cranes 7.3 Trucks 7.4 Basic Rigging

Insurance Underwriting Surveys:

Site underwriting survey reports (e.g. Fire, Machinery and subsidence)
Insurance underwriting loss estimates (e.g. Property Damage)


NB. There is so much that we can do to assist your organisation to comply with the Occupation Health and Safety Act and its Regulations.



Conduct Audits
Contractor compliance, compiling their Safety File, COID Compliance and ensure Section 37(2) Agreement is in place
Attend Health and Safety Meetings
Keep Management up-dated on any and all changes in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its Regulations
General walk through and inspections
Advice on the display of symbolic requirements
Basic SHE Induction Training and Awareness presentations
Identification and controlling of Hazardous Substances
Identification of Personal Protective Equipment to be used and quality
COID Registration, injury reporting and control
Liaison with the Department of Labour and COID Departments


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